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Celebrating Joe

On the 5th Anniversary of Joe's passing, I couldn't find a thing going on where I live...would have liked to have sat with other folks who loved him, listening to his music, drinking a few and being optimistic.  Fortunately, I could watch "Let's Rock Again" and celebrate the Joe-ness of life.  His legacy lives on.

I worried after Joe passed what the world would be like without his conscience and his passion in the music industry but after almost five years, if you look around, there are all kinds of musicians doing some solid social commentary and paying respects to the great roots of music - Bedouin Soundclash, and Bright Eyes to name a couple of good bands.

Anyone here got suggestions for new or current music that holds a candle to the passion and talent that was Joe Strummer?

BTW: Had a great treat today at the cinema: The Diving Bell and The Butterfly ends with "Ramshackle Day Parade" 
There is little that makes me happier than when someone pays tribute to the Great Joe Strummer [R.I.P]

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