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"The 1980 film starring the Clash, "Rude Boy," will make its DVD debut Aug. 1 via Epic/Legacy, has learned. The fictional documentary centers around a disillusioned sex shop worker (Ray Gange) who quits his job to roadie for the Clash in 1978. The musical footage was filmed during the band's Clash on Patrol and Sort It Out tours of the United Kingdom.

The DVD rounds up performances of "English Civil War" and "White Riot" that never made the original film, plus versions of "Clash City Rockers" and "Tommy Gun" recorded on the BBC's "Something Else" show.

Other special features include interviews with Gange, filmmakers Jack Hazan and David Mingay and Clash road manager Johnny Green, four deleted scenes, the original theatrical trailer and a photo gallery.

As previously reported, director Julian Temple is at work on a documentary about late Clash vocalist/guitarist Joe Strummer, which will be "narrated" by Strummer via scores of interviews and archival recordings."
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