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The New One

Hey Strummer-fans! I'm Zoe and I'm the newest addition to this humble, little community you got here. Very cool place. Anyhow, I joined a Paul and Mick community, so I thought, "Hey! Joe Strummer was my first favorite Clash member and he rocks an unusually high amount, so why didn't I join a community dedicated to him, yet?" Now, without further nonsense:

So sorry if some of the stuff here has been posted already. I looked through The Call Up earlier and already forgot some of the things posted... Just tell me if anything is wrong and I'll remove it and add something new... Guaranteed!

The following article got a slight rise out of me when I first read it. The title of the article is: Joe Strummer, Terrorist?

Some pictures that came from Clash Photo Rockers (of course):
Uh.... Sorry, Joe?

Yes, they are "kool".

Probably from "Westway to the World" set.

Joe Strummer: Still cooler than everybody (even at 50).

(P.S. I'm getting Streetcore in the mail sometime this week. Check my journal if you want to read how it is! But, please excuse the angst-ridden stuff that I already have in there. It could be a tad messy...)
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