Joan of Arc gay?

I've noticed that alot of the gay people seem to think that Miss Joan was gay. Which couldn't be farther from the truth! Honestly.....

It bothers me soooooooo much that the gays feel the need to slander such remarkable women! (And she's not the first they've slandered either.) They really need to leave an innocent women like her out of their agendas's.

New LJ Catholic Community

Hey guys/girls... I know I don't post here often but I do read the entries you all write that show up on my friends page... anyway... I made a new community catholicstudies basically it's just my study notes that I'll be posting weekly on different Catholic books such as the Bible and the Catechism, also notes on books about the Mass and other Catholic activities/services, eventually I'll do a posting of a basic outline on other religions just to keep everybody educated... anyway it's more of a read only type of thing just so you can all learn some more about the Catholic religion, I'll let anyone be a member and anyone can post comments but only I post the main threads. Well, I hope you enjoy it!!!
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Jeanne d'Arc Tower

This tower, which we call " TourJeanne d'Arc" is in fact the donjon, one of the last vestiges of the big castle built by the King Philippe Auguste in 1204 to sit his power in the duchy of Normandy which was until then independent.

Contrary to the legend, it is not into this tower that Jeanne was imprisoned. She spent her last days in another tour which was situated in the current street Jeanne d'Arc, and whose some vestiges there are in the court of a building.

This tower is restored in the XIXth century by the architect Desmarest and put on(beaten) by a finial which is the work of the famous to ferronier, Ferdinand Marrou.

This tower is very interesting to visit, just as the museum Jeanne d' Arc, located on the Vieux Marché Place , place where she was burned. On this place, a place commemorates its torment, at the place where was located its to rough-hew.

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Yay for Joan of Arc!

Hopefully this posts. Before it said read-only mode.

I'm happy there is a community for Joan of Arc, the saint and not just for the tv show or the movies. I, too, became acquainted with her through The Messenger and subsequently did some research into her. At the end I'll post the address for one of my favorite sites on her.

I actually had a lot of dreams about her last night. One was her sword, someone gave me her supposed sword but when I went to swing it it shattered. Then someone told me to find her real sword I had to go to some store at the mall. It was really strange... - The St. Joan of Arc center in New Mexico. Another reason why I'd like to visit there....

Looking forward to much posting and information sharing on this remarkable woman!

Joan of Arc in Witchblade

I admit it: I'm tv show addicted. And one of my favourites is certainly Witchblade, an action/drama/fantasy/urban thriller show. The story is about detective Sara Pezzini, a New York City cop, the 21st Century bearer of an intelligent, symbiotic weapon that existed for thousands of years: the Witchblade (or Lame de Sorciere, Digitabulum Magae...). Only women of unmatched strenght of mind, body and will have ever successfully worn it. Its legacy has created a warrior bloodline back through time and forward into the future.
Joan appears in several episodes (in flashbacks and reveries), being one of these women. In the show's fascinating mythology, her visions and voices come from the blade (which is nonetheless connected to the Christian God: "It [the Witchblade] is a branch ripped from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil."). This is an interesting dialogue about Joan of Arc taken from the show, episode 2x02 Destiny.

IAN: She heard voices too. She had visions. She claimed they were the source of her power. History credits them with her demise.
SARA: She looks kind of sad.
IAN: A cruel destiny to be sure. To save a nation, to be a hero and a saint, to die at the hand of treacherous clergymen at the age of 19. But a destiny that mattered. A reponsability... a duty... a cause. I doubt anyone ever understood her. How could they? Ultimately, she was abandoned.

There are many other references to the French heroine in many episodes. Unfortunately, Witchblade was canceled after only two seasons :-(


Hi, everybody!
I decided to create this community for every Joan of Arc's admirer/devotee out there. Here you can discuss about this great historical figure that has inspired the world for almost 600 years.
I came to know about Joan (thanks to the Besson's movie The Messenger: the True Story of Joan of Arc) a few years ago and I was instantly stunned by her courage and blind faith. Since then, I've been reading books, watching movies and researching articles and information. I really can't describe how much she's had an influence on my life.
Well, I hope we will get some members very soon! ;-)

P.S. at the moment the layout of the community is quite shabby. Could anyone help me out to make it better?