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General -

Anything and everything is welcome. Whether it's Joan/Grace, Adam/Luke or even Adam/CBG. Doesn't matter. All pairings are accepted. Almost all ratings are excepted too. The highest being an R rating.

Posting fanfics -

You can post as many as you want or link to as many as you want. When posting a fic inside a post, please use an lj cut. The code for an lj cut is <*lj-cut="click here"*><*/lj-cut*> (minus the *'s of course). Not everyone will like the same pairings, so this is just common curtesy.

When you are posting a fic, please use the following header.

Warning (if any, if not just put 'none')
Authors notes (if you have any)

fic link/lj-cut

If you can do this simple task then you are ready to post!

Commenting/Reviewing -

Constructive critisizm people! It's common sense to do this. Don't say anything mean or that you hate it. You're entitled to your opinion but if you're going to bash then don't comment at all. Or if you feel you need to comment, find something nice about the fic that you liked and say something nice about that instead.


Everyone is welcome to post, join or comment. You do not have to join to read or comment on fanfics that are posted. But it couldn't hurt. *g*

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