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Jamielynn's Layout Archives' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Jamielynn's Layout Archives

The purpose of this community is for me to share my layouts with whoever may want them. Some days I may post multiple layouts, some days I may not post any at all.

the rules
+ I require that you credit me. Most times I will have the credit in the coding. If I find out that you remove that, you will be banned without warning.
+ Do not change my coding without asking.
+ Do not change my coding without asking and claim it as your own.
+ Do not contact me with layout questions at my personal journal or through instant messenger.
+ Comment when taking a layout.

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[posted on: 9/6/05 at 4 pm]

Happy 100 members! Thanks, guys!
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[posted on: 9/1/05 at 10 am]

Sorry I haven't put up any layouts in a while. I just started school and I brought my laptop rather than my desktop and most of my layouts are on my desktop at home. I promise to make some more soon..it's been very hectic here lately. But, not to worry..I'll be back once things settle down!

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[posted on: 7/10/05 at 1 am]


Comment Here & Add To Join.
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