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Are you worthy?

Of our jizz...

Pin us Up
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Promote Us With A Blinkie!!

Promo Banners. Use. Post. Pimp us.

Directions!!:Right click over the text box.
Select all then simply copy and paste into the "about you" box
and use to promote else where.

Lj Cut:

- Every entry in the comm. must be in an Lj cut ( see above for html.)
- Don't be a douche bag. That means don't be rude, don't start shit, don't post pictures of dead animals(it's happened), & don't do anything that would make me want you dead.
- NO POSTING/COMMENTING(except on your OWN application) until AFTER you have been accepted.
- Acception should take about 24 hours, don't bug us about when you will be accepted.
- On the application, on the part that says "in my pants you shall find" after which you MUST write "pee wee's big adventure." so that we know you read the rules.
- Make the questions bold on your application so it's easy to read.
- If you are doing an application put "Jizz me" on the subject line, if you are already a member put "Stamped" so we can tell the difference.
- If you are going to Promote in our community, you must promote us to another place and provide a link in the same post or it will be deleted.

- Name-
- Age-
- Average number of times you masturbate daily-
- Porn-
- Organized Religion-
- Kurt Cobain's death (murder or suicide?)-
- 5 Favorite bands-
- 3 Favorite Movies-
- Favorite book(s)-
[Just because]
- In my pants, you shall find-
- Suck up. Tell us how much you fucking love us-
- Promote bitch & show with links-
- Any final words?-
[Peektures]atleast 4!(2 clearly showing your face.)


Rejected =

Accepted =

Meet Your MOD's!

Introducing from left to right:
Angel __angelsfuck , Liz tankerella & Cheree'_thelust