Hey you guys,
Last night Cheree gave me a tattoo. It's on my back. In the center between my shoulderblades, its a big cross with two little crosses on either side.
It hurt like a bitch though*painful memmories*.
When its a little bit better looking, like in a couple of days, ill post a picture of it.
I might post one of all my peircings too.
I have like 7(including belly button).
Wells, i guess ill go now.

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rock is deader than deadCollapse )

- Name- Danny.
- Age- 17.
- Average number of times you masturbate daily- Once or twice, dammit.
- Porn- I think porn is pathetic, but at the same time... yeah.
- Organized Religion- It's fucking retarded.
- Kurt Cobain's death (murder or suicide?)- I am not in liberty to say.
- 5 Favorite bands- Marilyn Manson, Björk, Alanis Morissette, The Distillers, Lacuna Coil.
- 3 Favorite Movies- Rocky Horror Picture Show, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, The Craft.
- Favorite book(s)- The "Sweep" series, and the "Harry Potter" series, mmhmm! Harry Potter's hardcore, baby.
[Just because]
- In my pants, you shall find- your mom.
- Suck up. Tell us how much you fucking love us- you already KNOW how much i love y'all. angel, i love you with all my heart. liz, you fucking rule! i love you!!! cheree, you're all right. <3 but i'm still gay.
- Promote bitch & show with links- Hmm?
- Any final words?- What the fuck? I didn't understand the above question, but I will when I understand it... Yay!
[Peektures]atleast 4!(2 clearly showing your face.)

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Kats and Kittens, wtf?

You all know your very precious to me, but please don't make me whip out my mallet and whallop you all!

We have a Theme: Bondage.

I wanna see all of your sweet ass's hog tied, gagged, ridden, or something?!?

I'm the only one who's gone through the degredation, now its your turn!

One pic will do, even more would be testicular.

Get raunchy with it, lets show the other lame ass pussy communities how we do it.

- ♣ Liz ( Loving mod & plaything )
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