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"i'll see you in the trees"

Hey there everybody! I'm applying per Angel's insistance.
Now... on with the show!

- Name- Jeremy
- Age- 22
- Average number of times you masturbate daily- At least once!
- Porn- No gay man can leave home live without it.
- Organized Religion- No thanks.
- Kurt Cobain's death (murder or suicide?)- I shan't comment.
- 5 Favorite bands- Leah Andreone, Auf der Maur, Madonna, Xtina, Poe
- 3 Favorite Movies- Psycho Beach Party, Donnie Darko, Mean Girls
- Favorite book(s)- Naked, Sellevision, The Rules Of Attraction
[Just because]
- In my pants, you shall find- A mango!
- Suck up. Tell us how much you fucking love us- !!!THISMUCH!!!
- Promote bitch & show with links- Um... hmm. Leah!
- Any final words?- I like pie.

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