bait in the wolf trap (petitfour) wrote in _jizzworthy,
bait in the wolf trap

jizz me..

- Name- kate
- Age- 17
- Average number of times you masturbate daily- .5 (i.e. every other day)

- Porn- pornography is the only thing keeping americans from being completely sexually repressed like our public media is. it still disgusts me how most parents are cool with their children watching excessive violence but freak out if a breast is on public tv.
- Organized Religion- i practice it, and i'm totally fine with other religions as long as they don't prosthelitize.
- Kurt Cobain's death (murder or suicide?)- when someone has enough heroine in their system to kill a horse, i seriously doubt they were capable of shooting themselves.

- 5 Favorite bands-
2.rachel yamagata
4.a perfect circle
5.tori amos
- 3 Favorite Movies-
1.waking life
- Favorite book(s)- catcher in the rye, the world according to garp, house of leaves

[Just because]
- In my pants, you shall find- pee wee's big adventure
- Suck up. Tell us how much you fucking love us- well, i already know i adore __angelsfuck from the awesome stuff she posts on __handsxdown.
- Promote bitch & show with links-
- Any final words?- this is quite possibly the best application for a community i've seen in a while...

[Peektures]atleast 4!(2 clearly showing your face.)

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