July 5th, 2004

* // Jizz (On) Me!

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- Name- Danny.
- Age- 17.
- Average number of times you masturbate daily- Once or twice, dammit.
- Porn- I think porn is pathetic, but at the same time... yeah.
- Organized Religion- It's fucking retarded.
- Kurt Cobain's death (murder or suicide?)- I am not in liberty to say.
- 5 Favorite bands- Marilyn Manson, Björk, Alanis Morissette, The Distillers, Lacuna Coil.
- 3 Favorite Movies- Rocky Horror Picture Show, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, The Craft.
- Favorite book(s)- The "Sweep" series, and the "Harry Potter" series, mmhmm! Harry Potter's hardcore, baby.
[Just because]
- In my pants, you shall find- your mom.
- Suck up. Tell us how much you fucking love us- you already KNOW how much i love y'all. angel, i love you with all my heart. liz, you fucking rule! i love you!!! cheree, you're all right. <3 but i'm still gay.
- Promote bitch & show with links- Hmm?
- Any final words?- What the fuck? I didn't understand the above question, but I will when I understand it... Yay!
[Peektures]atleast 4!(2 clearly showing your face.)

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