Sam (xlackadaisicalx) wrote in _jizzworthy,


This community isn't active and everyone left. So I am going to leave too. If you somehow get it up and running again let me know and I'll come back. Other wise if you guys are still into the whole rating community thing please check out mine wonderful_smile. I would really like it if _thelust and tankerella joined but everyone and anyone else is welcomed to as well.


  • jizz off

    hi, i'm samantha and here're my pics. let me know if you think i'm jizz worthy. thanks, and enjoy!

  • stamped//leaving..

    i'm leaving.. i need to take care of my mom for the rest of the summer so i don't think i'll have much time for this anymore. add me if you'd like or…

  • (no subject)

    What happened? What's going on? Why is everyone leaving?

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