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band practice like what.

...i think i forgot everything!

if i were some zany police cheif and michael was this cop on the beat that was a good crime-solver, but always getting into trouble, and we were in a sitcom, at the end of each episode, the camera would fade out either on the police hq building or on the door of my office (which would be closed) and you'd hear my voice yelling "MCADAMS!!!" ...'cause he accidentally crushed my car or something.

billy would be the street-wise undercover guy who isn't in all of the episodes but is a good character anyway so it's always a treat when he appears.

-- edit --

i either need to start living in michael's room (which really wouldn't be so bad) or i need to borrow his piano or something...

Afraid of Being Weak

Let's go drive around downtown
Push away the troubles that drag us down
And I'll try not to apologize
For being myself because I realize
That my self is just what you love about me

Because lying here with you it soothes my nerves
Silently you urge me, "Have no fear."
It feels like so much more than I deserve,
But quietly I cling to what I hold dear.

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I still need to know when you guys want me to come out and take band pictures. Call me...k? I think Sunday afternoon looks like it might work...3ish...

I would love to make you guys sparkle
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little me

i don't get you. i don't get anyone...

ohman...concrete dunes by grandaddy is so remeniscent of the flaming lips.'s awesome. ::firm nod:: pictures this weekend? nel and/or wal-mart? it goes without saying i'll probably see michael this weekend...but billy? i need to get ahold of him. or someone does. and nel. but nel's easier to reach than billy.

i'm bored like woah.

not quite done yet, but it's progress...

well band practice has been exceptionally productive the last few weeks and i think we will be recording a demo really soon, which makes me happy. in the mean while i've written another song, not anywhere near what it was when i improvised/wrote it earlier today in kristen's apartment, but not terrible nonetheless.


Employ a miscommunication
to change the direction
their eyes are turned
Display all of your elation,
not the self inspection
which you've really earned

Maybe you're a liar
but you can hide that too -
It's not complicated.
Let them all admire
the godly man that you
think you've validated.

You can bury it below them,
the scars that you display,
and never fear suspicion:
no one else will know them,
the ugly wounds you've made,
which fuel your own perdition.

They'll be there long after you've gone.
They'll be there long after you've gone.

- michael
little me

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we need s'more band photos. preferably ones with me in them. i suggest that we go to deep ellum or something on a weekday or sunday afternoon when it's all abandoned and run-down-looking.

"holy canoli" is so much fun to say.

g'head. say it. it'll make you smile.