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Jill Of All Trades

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Jilling Off
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This is a community about female masturbation.

All posts should be on female masturbation, tips, masturbation stories, toys and anything else related to masturbation.

This is an open community to join, but this community is for women only. No silly, off-the-wall rules here. I just only ask that you make all posts "friends only" so that you are comfortable posting and/or replying to the entries.

I also ask that if you are going to post any pictures or long entries, please use an lj-cut, out of respect for others who may have this journal on their friends list.

As this is a new community, I am looking for anyone who wants to assist me in becoming a moderator. If you are interested, please post an entry stating so, and I will reply back to you. Or email me at la_doctress@yahoo.com

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