I'm a newbie!

Hi, I'm Tayla and I'm new to LJ and the community. I thought I'd share something jilly by way of introducing myself, hope that is okay..

My favorite type of orgasms are the ones I have right in front of people. Sitting in the back row of a class. The desk covering my lap. My hand looks like its resting on my lap when really its inside my panties. Gentle rubs against my clit until its hard to stop myself wiggling in my seat. I have to bite my lip to stop the moan before I come. But somehow the orgasms are always just that little bit better for having had them secretly but in front of everyone.

IM new here and oh how I LOVE to jill!

I look forward to reading about others' experiences, I love jilling and have been doing it since I was very young.  I'm 34 now.  The older I get the more I learn about my body and the better I can make myself feel.  I love trying to make it last, I'm not very good at holding out, when I'm ready to cum, I can do it very quickly.  I want to learn to make it last longer and to cum multiple times.  I love how my pussy smells when I've been playing for a long time.  and I love how sensitive my whole body is.
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Any good sex toys?

This is my favorite; just check the comments on the product and you will see why!

Tell me what your favorite toy is!  Don't have one?  Check out the site that I just linked to and find one!  Even if you don't have one, just tell me which one on the site looks most like one that you have or one that you think would be best!
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masturbating speed

A few years back I was talking about masturbating to my then boyfriend. I was explaining that when I jill off it usually takes around 30 minutes for me to come.

Freaking dumbass made fun of me for needing to take so long. He was all "I can do it in 5 minutes". That pissed me off. Maybe I like to pace myself and really get my motor running. C'mon, you gotta enjoy it for what it is. Not just get to the finish line. The battle is half the fun. :3
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So, yeah I just had to post....I just got out of the shower after jilling off for about 25 minutes straight.  I came countless times and I'm even hornier than before!! I wish my hubby was awake so we could fuck all night.... 
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I'm curious how many women had a similar first masturbation experience. Because I was raised in a fanatically religious home I didn't know about sex, growing up. Didn't know what masturbation or an orgasm was, so the first time I did masturbate I thought I'd invented it and that my physical response was peculiar to me. It wasn't till about 4 years later when I read this book about sex, that I discovered everyone can masturbate and orgasm, and what to call these experiences.