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jessica's closet.

i like my money right where i can see it, hanging in my closet.

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Hello there, I'm Jessica, your mod, and I'd like to welcome you to a new kind of shopping community - one with a little taste. Not only do members post their favorite shopping finds, they may also post pictures of their daily outfits. Additionally, there will be hand selected fashion articles, links to sample and warehouse sales, and how-to's on basic fashion feats (such as tying a chic scarf) and stealing favorite celebrity looks. Just because it says jessica's closet, doesn't mean this community is just for me - it's a community like any other in the sense that I'm merely the moderator. We are a brand new community and are still trying to garner membership before we really open our doors, so please tell your friends!

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If you would like to join, please follow these directions: First, click join so that you will be in queue to be approved. Second, fill out the following application and post it as a comment underneath the welcome message on the front page, DO NOT POST A NEW ENTRY FOR YOUR APPLICATION. Once you have done these two things, I will review your application.

First name:
Location and School:
Top 5 stores to shop (offline):
Favorite locals-only store (something that can only be found near where you live):
Favorite online store (max 2):
Favorite recent purchase:
Favorite shopping snack (just for fun):

optional, but will greatly increase your chance of getting in..
1 or 2 pictures of yourself in outfits you love (please no shots of just your face unless youre wearing fab sunglasses):

Please promotoe us in one place and provide a link:

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I only have a few rules, but they're strict:
1. Absolutely nobody under the age of sixteen.
2. Understand that you are subjecting yourself to mild scrutiny. However, blatantly rude and uneccesary comments will not be tolerated.
3. With VERY few exceptions, do not post hollister, abercrombie, american eagle, etc. clothes unless they are a lone find. Please only post stylish things that you find unique, not something that everyone already has.
4. Generally, this community leans more towards classic, pretty clothing rather than tacky trends, so please, stay away from hello kitty and paris hilton.
5. Promotions are allowed, but please ask my permission first in an e-mail. I'm also interested in affiliates.
6. All pictures, excepting previews, as well as long entries, are to be placed under an Lj Cut

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we appreciate any and all promotion! Please upload to your own server.

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You will be notified within a week if you've gained acceptance into the community. Membership is soley and completely under my discretion. No other members will vote on whether you get in or out, though you can always encourage someone to put in a good word for you ;)

Other than that, I look forward to sharing my shopaholic self with lots of great girls, so apply away!
xox; jessica

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