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Simply Irrestible

Jessica Simpson Fans!

~*Jessica Simpson Fans*~
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Welcome to the Jessica Simpson Graphics community

Here you can swap and share all your Jessica Simpson Icons, friends only signs, layouts, banners and graphics. Here you can find out all the latest Jessica news with our new updates and chat and swap info about Jessica and her family.


1. Please make sure you post underneath a livejournal cut if you post more than one picture at a time.

2. Please do not post icons or graphics that are not Simpson family related. Nick Lachey and Ashlee Simpson ARE allowed.

3. You may feel free to post entries about Jessica as well as long as you also use this community for graphics as well.

4. When joining, that request goes through to myself or one of my team. Whilst it is not nessicary, it is looked upon as considerate if you put one of our Buttons which can be found at the bottom of this page into your user info. If you do not have this button in your userinfo you may not be accepted so please be warned. We have multiple requests to join a day make yours a sucessful one by adding the button to your userinfo we will check.

5. When you click to join, remember that we do check you out. Otherwise why would we have a membership that had to be moderated? If your journal is brand new, has no entries, no friends or most importantly has no or little credit for icons or graphics made for you by anyone else you will not be allowed access to the community.

6. Do not be rude to anyone or offensive in any way. You WILL be banned.

7. Please remember the main rule here: Comment, credit and save!

Do feel free to ask me if you got rejected why that is the case, I Will ALWAYS reply to any girl who feels that she has been treated unfairly and give a reasonable answer. Then if you correct the error that caused you to be rejected, you may be accepted in.

Your mod......

Hello everyone,

Just to introduce myself my name is Rebecca and I am your moderator and maintainer.
I am engaged to my wonderful fiance Elliot and we have been together for 3 and a half years.
I live in London, England UK and I have two guinea pigs, a dog and a hamster.
For more on me check out my userinfo page and feel free to comment if you want to add me.

As you may know we have a new co-mod Amy who is helping me out,
and many thanks to her for the beautiful graphics here in the layout and info.
Together we aim to turn this community from a place riddled with potential,
to a place that bursts with energy, graphics, chat and requests!

Thank you for sticking with us, and I assure you we will be doing everything we can to make this one of your favourite communities.

Also please do check out my sister community Lachey_Icons.

Best Wishes and many thanks,
Rebecca ♥ xoxo

NEW to the community is the chance to become an "Official Maker", this means you are officiall staff here at _jess_graphics and will be treated with respect and will be asked to fill out any request that is asked of you. For example, if a member of this community puts "Request for Mary_001" in the subject header and your name is Mary_001 and you are an official maker you will then comment saying "Yes I'm on it2 or "sorry I have no time" and then make the graphic for the person. This gives members more of an idea of what graphics they will be getting because your examples will be on a webpage with your name and rules etc so if they like your icon style then they will request from you. It also saves waiting around wondering if someone will fill their request as when you comment (which you must, even if it is a no) they know straight away what and when to expect.

To apply for the badge of "Official maker" please fill this application in and email it to me at.. Rebecca.hague@blueyonder.co.uk

LJ name:
Email address:
Special graphics talents:
How often will you be available online?:
4-6 examples of different Jessica graphics including at least 2 icons:
Your rules for requesting?:

To become a member you have to ask to join, all this means is you click join and myself or a comod will accept or reject your request. If we refuse there is always a reason, we have the right to refuse your application, do not bitch about it, our descision is final!

Have fun and be nice! And PLEASE link back to us and promote as much as possible. If you would like to become affiliates, please email me at rebecca.hague@blueyonder.co.uk ALL emails will always be answered in less than 24 hours.

Credit for headers: Christie_03
Credit for Title Graphic, buttons and banners: k_clarkson24

Thanks for contributing! :-)

Buttons and Affiliates

You may not be accepted here if you do not link back to us in your userinfo. We will check, so please be courtious and link us, it is not always a must but it is nice.

Link to our affiliates


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