Trading Spaces

TLC’s Trading Spaces is filming an upcoming episode at the Jersey Shore, and wants you to apply for a spot on the show!

TRADING SPACES, produced by Banyan Productions, provides two pairs of friends with a $1000 budget, a professional designer, a carpenter, and 48 hours to redo a room of their choice. But there’s a catch - they have to switch houses, and they have no say in how their own room will look! We’re seeking brave and vibrant homeowners to represent the Jersey shore on these upcoming episodes!

The rules are simple:
1. Two people per team
2. Rooms must be at least 12’ x 12’
3. Houses must be within a fifteen minute drive of each other

To apply, e-mail
A full application will immediately be sent to you.
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anyone have recommendations for nice [rental] places to look at in the off-season? i know that some towns right on the shore are kinda dangerous, what with storms and flooding and all.... but my friends and i were wondering if there are any cool, quiet boardwalked places that are safe in the fall/winter/spring.

thanks in advance!
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Hey guys!
I just joined and I'm so glad becuase I have a question.
I've been going to my New Jersey beach house in Bradley Beach for 2 weeks every summer forever.
I'm older now, and not really sure what to do at nights...
is there something in Asbury Park, or anywhere remotley close to where I am?
It's kinda dead down there, and I don't really feel like driving to Wildwood or Atlantic City.
Any ideas?
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Can you please help me with information? ;)


My name is Sviatlana, I am from a really far away country. I am going to have a really craZZy summer in the US this year, together with my friends somewhere on the shore... wow! That will be great!
I have airplane tickets for 4,June and I am very-very-very *jumps across the room* I'm very very eager to come! :)

But I have a problem, so I turn to you. Maybe you can help me.

I have explored the map @ and I liked Ocean City very much. And Atlantic City sounds good for me too.

So there 2 questions:
-how expensive is housing in OC? (We are 4)
-I need a job to pay my housing an so on... I see no sence in taking money from home because my visa allows me to work legally during summer and I have SSN... So can you help me to find a job? Any job a girl like me can do.

There are only 4 days left before I leave home, so I have short of time.

I think I can do any job in restaurant business, or in retail... or... I dont'know :)

Can you please tell me who I can contact for the summer job? Maybe you walk down the street and see "help wanted", or you see an adv in some newspaper... Just let me know! Maybe a telephone number, or an e-mail. Who wants to hire an international student for summer? :)

Thank you in advance for your help! I really need it!

wbr, Sviatlana
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