A Rating-Community for those who have something special..

do you have that je ne sais quoi?
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1. Absolutely no nude pictures whatsoever.

2. Only Moderators are allowed to stamp (Brazeneye, Punklowla7 & x_mongomanda_x )

3. You will require at least 5 votes before you are considered for stamping.

4. If you are rejected from this community, you may try again in 7 days, please post new pictures, not the same ones.

5. You must post 3 or more picture. Please use your common sense and try to post pictures that we can actually see what you look like (no covering your face, shaded with a hat.. etc).

6. Please use an LJ-Cut when posting.

7. People who post fake pictures will be banned from the community.

8. Do not reply to any of the votes, we know your grateful for votes, but only speak when spoken to.


1. Though this is a Yes/No Voting scheme, please vote using "oo la la" for a Yes vote or "je suis désolé" for a No vote to keep with the French theme ;)

Have fun!

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