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Mosh Freaks

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Jax Shows

This community is for all you kool katz that live in Jacksonville and surrounding areas that love music. We are concert whores! We love shows! ANY show! This is where you can post about upcomming shows, about shows you have been to, pictures from shows, and anything else pertaining to concerts. No bashing on other members for music taste, everyone has a right to like what they do. Pretty much, don't be an asshole!

Your PunkAss Mods

</a></font></b></a>__femmecandy </span> :: AIM- IndJunglePusPunk :: Olivia

:: </a></font></b></a>daiyaangel89  :: AIM- DaiyaAngel89 :: Caitlin

We are both 10th grade students at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. We also both major in Creative Writing.