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I didn't like Freddy Vs Jason, but I had to buy it to polish off the collection (Until the boxset comes out. THANKS FOR SCREWING ME, PARAMOUNT!)... Anyway, so I am watching the movie with Commentary...


- Hayato
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Happy January 13th to all those Freddy / Jason fan's awaiting for stores to open so they can grab their reserved copies! I watched the DVD t'night and just thought I'd share my little adventure with ya guys.

I picked up the movie and I conveniently brought along my Jason mask. I walked into the video store with it on and asked for the reserved copy. The girl in there looked like she was going to take a crap on the floor. She was like " WTF?! " Rofl. Then I pushed the mask up and started laughing. Apparently she didn't find it that funny. Stupid girl. Neither did her supervisor when she looked at me like I had 5 heads. ... No one has a sense of humor anymore.

When she was ringing me up, I asked her if they were going to be selling copies tomorrow, since tomorrow is the release date ; well technically today. And she looks through a few stacks of DVDs and says, " We're sold out. " And I tell her the release date is the 13th, and she replies with, " No. It's been out for a while. I don't know where you've been. " ..... I felt like saying " Look lady! I'm a freak with a Jason Mask you sure you wanna talk to me that way? "

Enjoy the movie!

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Good evening. Just joined...it's good to know other people are fans of Jason, and Friday the 13th. My name is Jason, and my favorite day of the year is Friday the 13th...and my dad jokes that he named me after Voorhies. Takes on Freddy vs. Jason?
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Lets Hope

Lets hope 2004 is the year everyone has been waiting for! The year we get a nice big DVD box set full of extras actually worth owning! I still have all the VHS and refuse to get any DVD's until I get a nice juicy box set! I got the Nightmare on Elm Street box this Christmas and will buy the Friday the 13th one the day it comes out...here's hoping we get one next year!
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Well,Happy New Year to everybody! I'd like to thank the community-maker for this JV comm and all people, who keep it alive!
This year (2003) we've had the new film with our JV, and, by the way, maybe next year will bring smth good also..
Anyway, cheers&good luck:)
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about Jason X

I just want to know what do you think about Jason after modernisation in "Jason X"? I think that he looks like Robocop or smth like this,but not like real Jason Voorhees...
And..today I have found out that we're having real Friday,13 in Feb and August:)
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By the way..

I've heard today that there's a museum(in Mexico,maybe,I do not remember) where an actor, dressed and looked like Jason, was covered by chains and...he tried to be free and catched anyone, who passed by. It is interesting and I've tried to evaluate, how scared could I be after it:)
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