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Welcome To Camp Blood

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12th April 2004

_smeagol4:03pm: Good to see my community is doing so well, i havent been here for ages rock on and keep on killing!!!!!!!!!!!!

9th April 2004

xwithoutshadowx4:54pm: Hey!
I joined the community when it was set up by some friends of mine.
But...I deleted that LJ and started afresh with this one.
I'l post something more interesting again.
Til next time kids.....Mwhahahahaha!
Current Mood: calm
msektor4:26pm: Hell O
Just joined this community, i´m a big Jason fan and i think he´s the best & biggest thing in horror movie icons, hope this place keeps on gwroing & spillin´ blood.

xxxHe´s an unstoppable killing machinExxx
Current Mood: geeky

30th March 2004

iconxbrothel8:34pm: hey guys, im new, im obviously i huge friday the 13th/jason fan...its lovely meeting all of you and i have a gift for you guys...i have a bunch of jason and other horror icons at my icon LJ [iconxbrothel ] </span> so feel free to check it out and take some, but follow and read the rules on the info page first please [the rules: comment, keyword credit, add the LJ to your friends page]...thanks, have fun and nice meeting you guys [again]...

13th March 2004

overkillit1:41am: anybody got any news f v.s.j 2?

15th February 2004

gob41223:50pm: any one else have the friday te 13th game for nintendo and find it insanely hard
Current Mood: excited
gob41223:46pm: im new to this community im a huge horror movie fan and an even bigger jason fan i have seen all the movies tons of times and even read about freddy vs jason a few years before it came out
Current Mood: accomplished

1st February 2004

iniko10:01pm: Question
What is your favorit movie box art from any of the vhs friday the 13th's and why?

Here is mine

I like it because it's this image that first got me interested in horror movies, seeing this poster in the movie rental place when I was 6 or so years old scared me to death. It was from then on where I started watching movies like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on elm street.

Oh, by the way I'm new to this community but I'm a true Jason Fanatic, owning every movie currently availiable, having several "toys" that were created by Both paramount and new-line. And I even have a hockey mask used in part 3! (well not the exact hockey mask, but it's a replica prop I bought on E-bay.

So yeah.

18th January 2004

ghetto_zombie9:26pm: HIYA!
Me is new around here, I'm Neph and that *points to icon* is Milenko. If you frequent the Friday the 13th section of fanfiction.net you may have heard of me. If not...err, you're lucky!

I just wanted to introduce myself, and say that I've been a Jason fan all my life, and that Jason is a SEXY SEXY bitch. Specially in New Blood. *drool*

If you go to my journal, it's the ramblings of Milenko, this insane murderous ex-clown criminal living out at Crystal Lake with the zombie king and this other zombie girl. It's a long story, and I promise it makes sense if you read my fics... the link is in my profile.

Uhm...yes. HI!! :D

16th January 2004

justplaytragic12:28pm: i can't find any good pictures from freddy vs jason, but this is one that i found.

i think that jason "wins" at the end of the movie.
freddy just gets irritating how he always has to open his mouth to say something "witty". jason just gets the job done.

"dude, that goalie was pissed about something."

14th January 2004

don_hayato10:41pm: I didn't like Freddy Vs Jason, but I had to buy it to polish off the collection (Until the boxset comes out. THANKS FOR SCREWING ME, PARAMOUNT!)... Anyway, so I am watching the movie with Commentary...


- Hayato
Current Mood: annoyed

13th January 2004


Happy January 13th to all those Freddy / Jason fan's awaiting for stores to open so they can grab their reserved copies! I watched the DVD t'night and just thought I'd share my little adventure with ya guys.

I picked up the movie and I conveniently brought along my Jason mask. I walked into the video store with it on and asked for the reserved copy. The girl in there looked like she was going to take a crap on the floor. She was like " WTF?! " Rofl. Then I pushed the mask up and started laughing. Apparently she didn't find it that funny. Stupid girl. Neither did her supervisor when she looked at me like I had 5 heads. ... No one has a sense of humor anymore.

When she was ringing me up, I asked her if they were going to be selling copies tomorrow, since tomorrow is the release date ; well technically today. And she looks through a few stacks of DVDs and says, " We're sold out. " And I tell her the release date is the 13th, and she replies with, " No. It's been out for a while. I don't know where you've been. " ..... I felt like saying " Look lady! I'm a freak with a Jason Mask you sure you wanna talk to me that way? "

Enjoy the movie!

orginal post in minako_chan ; x-posted in freddy_vs_jason

12th January 2004

dimonix10:33pm: more friday box-set news
Part 7 uncut! Hooray! The prospect of having all the different actors that have played jason on the commentary sounds fantastic as well. I hope it actually pans out as well as it sounds.

4th January 2004

rigadoni6:00pm: Intro...
Good evening. Just joined...it's good to know other people are fans of Jason, and Friday the 13th. My name is Jason, and my favorite day of the year is Friday the 13th...and my dad jokes that he named me after Voorhies. Takes on Freddy vs. Jason?
Current Mood: Killin mood

1st January 2004

deadtazzfreak3:51pm: Lets Hope
Lets hope 2004 is the year everyone has been waiting for! The year we get a nice big DVD box set full of extras actually worth owning! I still have all the VHS and refuse to get any DVD's until I get a nice juicy box set! I got the Nightmare on Elm Street box this Christmas and will buy the Friday the 13th one the day it comes out...here's hoping we get one next year!

31st December 2003

executress6:40pm: Well,Happy New Year to everybody! I'd like to thank the community-maker for this JV comm and all people, who keep it alive!
This year (2003) we've had the new film with our JV, and, by the way, maybe next year will bring smth good also..
Anyway, cheers&good luck:)
Current Mood: cheerful

24th December 2003

executress6:08pm: about Jason X
I just want to know what do you think about Jason after modernisation in "Jason X"? I think that he looks like Robocop or smth like this,but not like real Jason Voorhees...
And..today I have found out that we're having real Friday,13 in Feb and August:)
Current Mood: relaxed

22nd December 2003

executress11:48pm: By the way..
I've heard today that there's a museum(in Mexico,maybe,I do not remember) where an actor, dressed and looked like Jason, was covered by chains and...he tried to be free and catched anyone, who passed by. It is interesting and I've tried to evaluate, how scared could I be after it:)
Current Mood: curious

21st December 2003

goodcherry12:06am: I could be weird but.....
I have a huge Jason fetish. I've always loved how strong he was and the ways he killed his victoms always amazed me.

I find myself often times after watching the movies dreaming that I was one of his victoms.

what a weirdo.

20th December 2003

executress9:54pm: The first time...
I just wanted to introduce myself a little bit:-)
Well,I paid special attention to Jason in the latest movie-"Freddy vs. Jason", and I've recentry tried to get as much movies with him,as I could. That wasnt't very successful,but I'm still trying!I'm a bit mad about it:)
Anyway,I don't know,if the fact was mentioned,but I was impressed by the scene when Jason is coming through corn field covered by fire.
So,every day I become more and more fanatic:-)
And..nice to meet you all here.
Current Mood: sleepy

19th December 2003

xjasonvoorheesx2:36pm: ahah!
my community! all bask in my gore glory....

31st October 2003


Totally awesome community. I saw Freddy Vs Jason ... about 5 times. ( So that tells enough that 'm a fan. ) My money was on Jason all the way, and gloriously he rose from the waters. ;x! ..

Just in time for Halloween! .. The Spike Network is playing a Jason Marathon tomorrow ( 10-31 ). Starting at 10 Am, there will be a full day of Friday the 13th Movies. Happy Halloween and Enjoy!! I love the background, BTW. ;x

x-posted in freddy_vs_jason

Current Mood: excited

30th October 2003

remcycle11:01pm: So I saw a trailer for Aliens Vs. Predator today.

Then I read a review of the script. Sounds pretty bunk.

I think the movie duel is about to make a huge comeback thanks to Freddy Vs. Jason...which was pretty bad, but still it was nice to see old school horror on the big screen again.

So far, besides Fvs.J, we have Dimension going ahead on a Pinhead vs. 'possibly' Michael Myers film plus Ash from Evil Dead going against someone in a proposed script. We'll see if that ever happens...

...but the idea is out there and running rampant thanks to dear old Jason and Freddy.
Current Mood: drunk

27th October 2003

remcycle11:26pm: greetings...
Hi all...

Just wanted to drop a quick line to say I joined your community.

I could also add all of the "i dig jason, the movies are great" pleasantries but I don't feel like it tonight.

Just know that I would say them were I more motivated to do so.

Current Mood: tired
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