My name is Ben and I am a Friday the 13th fan. I like the genre and find slasher films to appeal to my most primitive instincts. Translation- I love watching Jason rip open teens and kill em.

That is all

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Hey my name is Ashley and Im 17 years old and I live for Jason Voorhees I mean come on he fucking rules and is so worth meeting him. Hell if I ever got a chance I would go to Camp Crystal Lake every year for the rest of my life cause Jason is a true killer and he beats out any other killer living so ya Im joining this group w/ full support for Jason!!
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hey there. got all the friday the 13th set, gotta say i prefear the old movies to the latest movie like jason x. it was good but i didn't like the idea of cyborg jason, definatly the earlier movies.
mind i really did like freddy vs jason.
good stuff i think they should do more crossovers like that.
what do you guys think?

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Hi im brett im 19 years old and im from Fl.
im in a band called Crystal lake and were about to record a cd and were trying to find a Jason sound clip for our cd, does any one know where i can find any?

The Salem Serial Killer.

This is probably old news to those that watch the show, but I thought for a while now that it would be approriate to post in this community.

In the popular Daytime Soap Opera "Days of our Lives" there's been a Serial Killer lurking about killing off characters one by one, since before Halloween '03! Since the story has been going on for a while now, they have already releaved who the killer is. ( Although I don't believe it. ) But your probably wondering why I said any of this has to do with this community. Well take a look at how the Killer Dresses.

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