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31st October 2005

hagndaz12:08am: h'okay so...
I love Audrey Hepburn and Jason... Who knew?

It's kind of a weird story how I started to enjoy the glory that is Friday the 13th. When I was younger, I watched it on TV, and I wasn't really afraid. Then I got older, and I think understood what was going on better, so I was a little freaked out. Every time I was in the video store with Mom or Dad, we would pass the horror section, and I could just feel my arms ready to grab a Jason movie from the shelf. However, I think it was this morbid curiosity thing.

Friday night, they had a horror flick theme at the campus cinema for Halloween, and Friday the 13th was playing, and so I had to go see it. And now, I want to watch them all. In a long, bloody marathon of death.

(I'm not gonna lie, at the end of Part 1, when Mrs. Voorhees is taken out, I laughed my ass off. I mean, the movies are great, but they are really campy in parts. And by parts, I mean all of it, and that's why I love it.)
Current Mood: weird

19th October 2005

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You will run around at midnight screaming like a lunatic and scaring homeless people
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15th October 2005


Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th (Hardcover)

# Hardcover: 320 pages
# Publisher: Sparkplug Pr; Limited edition (October 31, 2005)
# Language: English
# ISBN: 0976543311

1st September 2005

jsun4hees6:50pm: I just saw footage of the people who have been hit by Katrina the Hurricane, truely awful stuff, on parr with 9/11 groun zero footage if you ask me. I have made a donation to the red cross, and I really can't make much more without over drawing my account, so I am posting a link, I hope you all can give a little.

18th August 2005

killsthecrack12:28am: Read more...Collapse )

9th July 2005

willdogma7:04pm: Hello there, fellow Jason Fans! I can't believe that it has taken me this lond to actually join a community for our favorite momma's boy, but here I am. So, yay and stuff! Talk to ya later.

30th May 2005

distantj11:47pm: Ch Ch Ch Ah Ah Ah (Or Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma whatever)
I've gone and signed up to a whole bunch of LiveJournal communities based on my interests because I feel like meeting more people, so hi everyone! Jason rocks. As does his Mum... And Roy the cop, sorta. I have all of the Friday 13th and Jason films, and love them all apart from Jason Goes to Hell. Nice to meet you all!
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13th May 2005

justplaytragic1:28pm: HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH

11th May 2005

* Attention Friday the 13th fans in Southern California *

NecroComicon Presents
The 25th Anniversary Celebration
Friday May 13th-15th 2005

6777 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
(on the corner of Hollywood & Highland)
(818) 581-1448

LOTS of special guests like Sean Cunningham, Betsy Palmer, Corey Feldman, Lar Park Lincoln & MORE!

Also, my great friend Peter Bracke, author of Crystal Lake Memories, will be there all weekend!

Guests will be signing in the dealer room.

Dealer room hours:
Friday 5pm - 11pm
Sat 11am - 7pm
Sun 11am - 6pm

Visit the website for more info:

Current Mood: excited

13th March 2005

gorefiend11:38pm: Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

12th February 2005

shannondelane10:14am: Hey!

Hey all! I just join here! I have been a fan of the Friday the 13th movies ever since i saw part 4. Jason is my 3rd fav slasher! I can not wait to post more on here!


Current Mood: awake

29th January 2005

ex_jinkazam7:45pm: Hi, I joined this community because I am obsessed with Jason Voorhees. I'm only 13 but Ive still seen all of the friday the 13th movies, Jason X and Freddy vs Jason. Exept I missed Friday the 13th parts 1,2 and the whole of no 9.

I love watching horror but I can never see it on big screen because I'm not aloud in most of the time. But I see them at home.

I still can't get over how in all of the "Jason" movies +-205 people have been brutaly murdered!!!!!!!!and another 70, 80 people have died in the Jason X space explosion and the sinking ship on F13th part 8.
Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!
Current Mood: bouncy

22nd January 2005

zombie_fcuk1:50pm: Hey all you Friday the 13th fans....

I'm new here and just like you all, am obsessed with Jason Vorhees! Ever since I was a kid, he's all I talked about. Instead of watching cartoons, I watched horror movies. HaHa SO yeah, horror is my life!!!

And it just so happens that my BEST friend, Peter Bracke, wrote a book called Crystal Lake Memories - 25 Years of 'Friday the 13th'. He would soooo kill me if he knew I was posting this about him, but oh well... he's a great guy who deserves this.

Basically, he got all his information from exclusive interviews with over 200 cast and crew, plus a new Foreword by series creator Sean Cunningham, and fully illustrated with hundreds of never-before-seen images, Crystal Lake Memories will take you behind the scenes of all eleven films. From the conception of the original Friday the 13th to the blockbuster success of Freddy Vs. Jason, Crystal Lake Memories is the ultimate document of the ultimate horror franchise. Peter is also considered one of the world’s foremost authority on the Friday the 13th series.

So please, check out his website about this GREAT book & sign up on his e-mail list!

Crystal Lake Memories

I look forward to being a member of this LJ club!


26th December 2004

deadlikeme133:37pm: new here...
hey..names nicole 20 from pa was going to post about how much i like love jason and why but at the moment i can't think of the reasons..but it's enough to have this done...wrist tattooCollapse )

12th December 2004

gorefiend4:32am: Hey, just a quick heads up to tell you about my band's new (temp) website. Not much up at the moment but the forums running, head on over and check it out



Richi Crypt

26th November 2004

duck_in_kilt7:23pm: =)
I've come up with a list of things that can get you killed in a Friday the 13th movie(or most horror films for that matter) Please tell me if you think something should be added or taken away ^^.
1. Have sex (in any way shape or form)
2. Make out (it's happened, maybe not the enitre reason, but still)
3. Act sluty (part VII, rich snotty girl)
4. Dorky (several examples but other things contributed to it)
5. Have a crush on some one (freddy vs. Jason, can't remembr his name right now)
6. Take a shower (sooo obvious)
7. Bitchy asshole ( defintley have to go)
8. Do drugs (jason is to abstince lol)
9. Drive a car/boat/motorcycle (okay, part III she drove the van and lived, but she was cool)
10. Old (name one old person who lived!!)
11. Dike (chicks mom in part VII, english teacher in part VIII :this is opinon, but i think its counts:)
12. Warn people about Jason
13. Act like tough shit
14. Lend someone money (part III grocery store)
15. Listen to music (sucks, doesn't it?)
16. Stand up to Jason (again part III exception)
17. Smart in school (sort of goes along with dorky)
18. Side kick (you know, follow the leader)
19. Paternal
20. Poser (part IV, the chick that got killed in the shed)
21. Use the phone (even if Jason pulled the wires out already)
22. Sleep naked (part IV)
23. Watch a movie (guess we all would be dead, huh?)
24. Go swimming (duh!! well, not part VIII, but she couldn't swim anyway)
25. Brush hair
26. Pretend to be Jason (part V and part VIII)
27. Don't believe that Jason is back
28. Talk abotu food, put away food, buy food (you know its true!!)
29. Slacker
30. Believe Jason is finally dead
31. Help people trying to get away from Jason
32. Light a fire
33. Pregnant
34. Give birth to Jason (lol, his mom and like...part IX lol when he comes out of people and takes over chicks body)
okay, that's all i can think of right now lol, sorry i don't remember all their names.
Current Mood: accomplished

25th November 2004

duck_in_kilt10:07am: hey hey
Hi, i just joined this community and i thought i'd say hi. I love friday the 13th movies, and of course jason ::glomps him::. I've loved jason for a long time but i really started to get into him little more then a year ago....yes sad i know..um, that's it i just wanted to introduce myself ^^.
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8th October 2004

overkillit10:42pm: allright fuck it i'll tell youze anyway,the boxset has deleted scenes and unedited scenes from parts 1,4,6, and the best of all 7 and all i'll say is that i can see why the mpaa made him edit it which pissed me off but part 7 is still the best one.,but other than that it has interviews with corey feldman,adrienne king,betsy palmer,kane hodder,the chick from part 2,lar park lincoln,ari ? forgot what his name was from part 1,sean cunningham,tom savini,tom mcloughlin and many more,its got the making of for parts 1 to 8,plus the trailers for all 8 of them, its got commentary for the films,and how the special effects were made for parts 1,4 and 7 by tom savini and john carl buechler,its worth the cash so if you allready got on dvd 1-8 cash them in and get this box set you won't regret it.

7th October 2004

overkillit9:45pm: got the boxset today all i'm going to say is that if you're not planning on getting it reconsider its fuckin awesome and worth the 74 bucks,hell it's jason fuckin voorhees why wouldn't it be worth it,i don't want to say whats on it i figured let it be a surprise.

28th August 2004

thecrowxiii12:26pm: I just joined and wanted to post news.I dont know if anyone else heard or posted but In Toronto,Ontario,Canada they are holding a Rue Morgue Fest of Fear and Kane Hodder is going to be there.Here's the link:http://www.rue-morgue.com/html/content/fof.html
Current Mood: ecstatic

27th August 2004

demonahhh11:53pm: a jason background I made
this one was for a person at this journal http://www.livejournal.com/~jasonchic

if you wanna see the image faster and not wait for that page to load click this


20th August 2004

tall_girl7892:29pm: Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash?
I don't know if anyone posted this yet, but:

New Line Cinema is in talks with director/producer Sam Raimi to bring to screen a slugfest between three of cult horror cinema's biggest names Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street), Jason (Friday the 13th) and Ash (Evil Dead trilogy), following the success of Freddy vs. Jason, The Hollywood Reporter says.

B-movie hero Bruce Campbell who played Ash in Raimi's Evil Dead trilogy would play the character again if the deal were to close.

Raimi who holds the rights to the Evil Dead franchise, may not direct.

The studio is determined to continue the franchise even if the deal falls through, possibly by introducing a new character to go against Freddy and Jason.
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