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h'okay so...

I love Audrey Hepburn and Jason... Who knew?

It's kind of a weird story how I started to enjoy the glory that is Friday the 13th. When I was younger, I watched it on TV, and I wasn't really afraid. Then I got older, and I think understood what was going on better, so I was a little freaked out. Every time I was in the video store with Mom or Dad, we would pass the horror section, and I could just feel my arms ready to grab a Jason movie from the shelf. However, I think it was this morbid curiosity thing.

Friday night, they had a horror flick theme at the campus cinema for Halloween, and Friday the 13th was playing, and so I had to go see it. And now, I want to watch them all. In a long, bloody marathon of death.

(I'm not gonna lie, at the end of Part 1, when Mrs. Voorhees is taken out, I laughed my ass off. I mean, the movies are great, but they are really campy in parts. And by parts, I mean all of it, and that's why I love it.)
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Of the Lake

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I just saw footage of the people who have been hit by Katrina the Hurricane, truely awful stuff, on parr with 9/11 groun zero footage if you ask me. I have made a donation to the red cross, and I really can't make much more without over drawing my account, so I am posting a link, I hope you all can give a little.

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Hello there, fellow Jason Fans! I can't believe that it has taken me this lond to actually join a community for our favorite momma's boy, but here I am. So, yay and stuff! Talk to ya later.
Mighty Boosh

Ch Ch Ch Ah Ah Ah (Or Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma whatever)

I've gone and signed up to a whole bunch of LiveJournal communities based on my interests because I feel like meeting more people, so hi everyone! Jason rocks. As does his Mum... And Roy the cop, sorta. I have all of the Friday 13th and Jason films, and love them all apart from Jason Goes to Hell. Nice to meet you all!
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