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In the first installment of our slasher marathons, we had an hour long discussion about every film in the Jason franchise on our podcast Double Feature. You can subscribe in iTunes to get the episode.

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In what we call one of our "Killapalooza" episodes (don't shoot, we're from Chicago, we had to) we literally hit each film. Jason goes to camp, jason goes to NY, jason even goes to space. You'll be surprised to hear which is our favorite.

Topics: Friday the 13th films 1-10. The longest, most explicit slasher episode yet. Retroactive twist. Fixing a long running problem through exploitation. Recaping in a sequel. 3-D. Showing off. Slasher staples. Tits. Found: Hampster Style. Another use of Scooby Doo. The Twist. The Prankster! Self aware. Titular skepticism. Fixing a train wreck while maintaining continuity. Retroactive continuity. Accepting a power. Even Jason can jump the shark. Music stops. Eric derails Michael. Believe it or not: a case that necessitates gratuitous nipples to preserving artistic integrity.

Send us feedback and let us know what you think.

Also, there's definitly Nightmare on Elm Street and Freddy vs Jason episodes too.

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I have a Boxed (but has had shelf life) Sideshow Army of Darkness Ash and 2 loose Army of Darkness Spawn figures (The special edition 2 pack of Ash and Evil Ash that includes book, interchangable weapons, mini ash and such).

If anyone is interested in buying, my email address is battleatsea@hotmail.co.uk
I accept paypal.
Just give me an offer, I want a quick sale and don't want to rip anyone off.

I also have other horror figures (Sideshow Jasons, Freddy vs Jason 2 pack, House figures) if anyone is interested.


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Mmmmm.... Brains.

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There will be an in-store signing event tomorrow,
for Crystal Lake Memories in Burbank!!

My great friend, Peter Bracke will be on hand at Dark Delicacies
at 2pm to sign copies of the new printing of the book.

This is your first chance to buy a copy, as it doesn't
hit bookstores until the end of October, and
online (including Amazon) until November 15!

Saturday, October 21, 2006 -- 2PM
Dark Delicacies
4213 W. Burbank Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505

*There'll also be a second L.A. area signing, including
special F13 alumni, at Book Soup later in October.

Check out the Crystal Lake Memories MySpace page for more info.

Mmmmm.... Brains.

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Hey all you horror fans.....

My best friend Peter Bracke wrote this AWESOME book about
everything & anything having to do with Friday the 13th.

This is THE book for all your Jason fans.... seriously....
you won't find a better source of info & pictures anywhere.

Fully illustrated with over 500 never-before-seen photos,
rare archival documents and production materials!!!

So please, check out the MySpace page for it!

Crystal Lake Memories

Pre-order yours NOW at these sites:

Barnes & Noble.com


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Before I ebay this, I figured I would try here. I have to sell this because I want a new laptop and I have a Mutant coming anyways.

I would like 200 bucks for the combo, seeing I payed $235 for the undermask before it went down to $150. The advantage you get with buying this for 50 dollars more than one on the Night Owl Productions site is that you will get this within a week, I have been waiting on my mutant for 4+ months.

It comes with a free hock, unknown origins. It was given to me.

? thescabboy@yahoo.com
paypal boyhellionx@yahoo.com

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I don't want to scare anyone, but I'm gonna give it to you straight about chaos_dwarf. I just joined! Howdy yall.

I snapped this on the way to a horror con near Phillie last year. Wouldn't have believed it!



i'm new here, so i thought i'd introduce myself. i'm melanie. i'm 26. i live in florida. i've been a jason fan since i was about 12. my grandparents live on a lake that looks eerily similar to the original crystal lake. i have a modest, yet growing collection of friday the 13th memorabillia. i think kane hodder got the shaft regarding freddy vs. jason. want to know anything else? feel free to ask.

this is what i look likeCollapse )

also, i made this button for the kane hodder petition. its nothing special, but i put it on my userinfo. feel free to do the same.


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i finally gave in and ordered Crystal Lake Memories off of Amazon even though I already own the very similar book, Making Friday the 13th.

Does anyone own both? and is Crystal Lake Memories a better book? Hopefully it will be worth owning both.

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I am new to this community and thought I would give my opinion on the upcoming chapter in the Friday series:

Now we're all aware that Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes company will be producing this film. Platinum Dunes has its ups and downs in my opinion. I hate Michael Bay with a bitter, bitter passion. I also hated the Amityville Horror remake with that same bitter passion. I'm not a fan of the original Amity to begin with and the remake was no improvement, taking small pieces of the original and making them into huge over the top hollywood horror plot points.

What I do like about Platinum Dunes is their undeniable attention to sincerity. I found the Texas Chainsaw remake to be quite good, though not without it's lame moments. When they make a new chapter to a story or a remake, they take it very seriously. And I personally think that a serious take on the Friday the 13th story is exactly what the series needs. I have personally not enjoyed watching Jason become a joke and think that it's about time he was treated as an actual dark and scary psychopath again, like he was in the beginning.

I have also heard that the story is supposed to take place between the events at the end of part 1 and the killing of Alice at the start of part 2. A story which explores the process of how Jason became Jason. Going from the death of his mother, to his revenge on his mother's murderer, and onto the eventual revenge he will continue to seek forever.

So I personally can't wait. I hope they do a good job and I hope it is a dark and disturbing look at the world of Jason.