killz_kidz (killz_kidz) wrote in _jason_voorhees,

I am new to this community and thought I would give my opinion on the upcoming chapter in the Friday series:

Now we're all aware that Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes company will be producing this film. Platinum Dunes has its ups and downs in my opinion. I hate Michael Bay with a bitter, bitter passion. I also hated the Amityville Horror remake with that same bitter passion. I'm not a fan of the original Amity to begin with and the remake was no improvement, taking small pieces of the original and making them into huge over the top hollywood horror plot points.

What I do like about Platinum Dunes is their undeniable attention to sincerity. I found the Texas Chainsaw remake to be quite good, though not without it's lame moments. When they make a new chapter to a story or a remake, they take it very seriously. And I personally think that a serious take on the Friday the 13th story is exactly what the series needs. I have personally not enjoyed watching Jason become a joke and think that it's about time he was treated as an actual dark and scary psychopath again, like he was in the beginning.

I have also heard that the story is supposed to take place between the events at the end of part 1 and the killing of Alice at the start of part 2. A story which explores the process of how Jason became Jason. Going from the death of his mother, to his revenge on his mother's murderer, and onto the eventual revenge he will continue to seek forever.

So I personally can't wait. I hope they do a good job and I hope it is a dark and disturbing look at the world of Jason.

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