Jason (zombie_fcuk) wrote in _jason_voorhees,

Hey all you Friday the 13th fans....

I'm new here and just like you all, am obsessed with Jason Vorhees! Ever since I was a kid, he's all I talked about. Instead of watching cartoons, I watched horror movies. HaHa SO yeah, horror is my life!!!

And it just so happens that my BEST friend, Peter Bracke, wrote a book called Crystal Lake Memories - 25 Years of 'Friday the 13th'. He would soooo kill me if he knew I was posting this about him, but oh well... he's a great guy who deserves this.

Basically, he got all his information from exclusive interviews with over 200 cast and crew, plus a new Foreword by series creator Sean Cunningham, and fully illustrated with hundreds of never-before-seen images, Crystal Lake Memories will take you behind the scenes of all eleven films. From the conception of the original Friday the 13th to the blockbuster success of Freddy Vs. Jason, Crystal Lake Memories is the ultimate document of the ultimate horror franchise. Peter is also considered one of the world’s foremost authority on the Friday the 13th series.

So please, check out his website about this GREAT book & sign up on his e-mail list!

Crystal Lake Memories

I look forward to being a member of this LJ club!

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