November 26th, 2004


I've come up with a list of things that can get you killed in a Friday the 13th movie(or most horror films for that matter) Please tell me if you think something should be added or taken away ^^.
1. Have sex (in any way shape or form)
2. Make out (it's happened, maybe not the enitre reason, but still)
3. Act sluty (part VII, rich snotty girl)
4. Dorky (several examples but other things contributed to it)
5. Have a crush on some one (freddy vs. Jason, can't remembr his name right now)
6. Take a shower (sooo obvious)
7. Bitchy asshole ( defintley have to go)
8. Do drugs (jason is to abstince lol)
9. Drive a car/boat/motorcycle (okay, part III she drove the van and lived, but she was cool)
10. Old (name one old person who lived!!)
11. Dike (chicks mom in part VII, english teacher in part VIII :this is opinon, but i think its counts:)
12. Warn people about Jason
13. Act like tough shit
14. Lend someone money (part III grocery store)
15. Listen to music (sucks, doesn't it?)
16. Stand up to Jason (again part III exception)
17. Smart in school (sort of goes along with dorky)
18. Side kick (you know, follow the leader)
19. Paternal
20. Poser (part IV, the chick that got killed in the shed)
21. Use the phone (even if Jason pulled the wires out already)
22. Sleep naked (part IV)
23. Watch a movie (guess we all would be dead, huh?)
24. Go swimming (duh!! well, not part VIII, but she couldn't swim anyway)
25. Brush hair
26. Pretend to be Jason (part V and part VIII)
27. Don't believe that Jason is back
28. Talk abotu food, put away food, buy food (you know its true!!)
29. Slacker
30. Believe Jason is finally dead
31. Help people trying to get away from Jason
32. Light a fire
33. Pregnant
34. Give birth to Jason (lol, his mom and like...part IX lol when he comes out of people and takes over chicks body)
okay, that's all i can think of right now lol, sorry i don't remember all their names.
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