"Don" Vito Corleone (overkillit) wrote in _jason_voorhees,
"Don" Vito Corleone

allright fuck it i'll tell youze anyway,the boxset has deleted scenes and unedited scenes from parts 1,4,6, and the best of all 7 and all i'll say is that i can see why the mpaa made him edit it which pissed me off but part 7 is still the best one.,but other than that it has interviews with corey feldman,adrienne king,betsy palmer,kane hodder,the chick from part 2,lar park lincoln,ari ? forgot what his name was from part 1,sean cunningham,tom savini,tom mcloughlin and many more,its got the making of for parts 1 to 8,plus the trailers for all 8 of them, its got commentary for the films,and how the special effects were made for parts 1,4 and 7 by tom savini and john carl buechler,its worth the cash so if you allready got on dvd 1-8 cash them in and get this box set you won't regret it.

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