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The Salem Serial Killer.

This is probably old news to those that watch the show, but I thought for a while now that it would be approriate to post in this community.

In the popular Daytime Soap Opera "Days of our Lives" there's been a Serial Killer lurking about killing off characters one by one, since before Halloween '03! Since the story has been going on for a while now, they have already releaved who the killer is. ( Although I don't believe it. ) But your probably wondering why I said any of this has to do with this community. Well take a look at how the Killer Dresses.


She's even got a sence of humor! LOL.

The murders have been great. F'course they're not going to be any 'Freddy Vs Jason' Quality, this is daytime drama we're talking about here. But I thought every murder and attack was done unquinely. They releveled the killer to be a rather pyschopathic yet very organized murderist. xD

From a blood bath'ed Valentines Day when a young character drops to the ground from inside a pinta, while young children are wacking it! -- to morbidly twisted poisionings that didn't take affect until the predicted time. I have been glued to my Tv everyday to see how many more actors they can sacrifice and off the show. They're not going to have anymore characters left at their rate they're going. They're all dropping like flys. And can you believe the killer -- is a WOMAN?

With 9 murders and counting I don't know how long they can keep this up. If you want to read all about each attack and see the killers latest victims go here. **WARNING** This does contain spoilers.

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