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hi!no delete please [20 Apr 2012|01:44am]
Originally posted by nikitagretzky at что вы вы видите на этой картинке?
Originally posted by diak_kuraev at Как делаются сенсации
... Получилось, будто митрополит согласен с нацистской символикой...
Получилось что "митрополит согласен с нацистами" ?
На самом деле получилось что
1)нацисты согласны с митрополитами
2)Митрополитам похуй кого они ведут за собой
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Hello and sorry to Spam, if its not allowed, then please delete.

I've come here today to pimp my new community.



Its as the title says.
Its a free dating community for girls (or guys) looking to date Asian Men.
Its new today, so im hoping theres lots of girls our there wanting to join.

Remember the more girls who join up, the more the men will join up. And then thats much better for all of us.

So im looking for people who have the confidence to come over and join in.

I'll go looking for the men to send over, if your all interested?



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Ramen Noodle Mafia! [27 Jul 2007|02:32am]


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[26 Jul 2007|01:48pm]

I just opened my own website selling japanese items such as jrock flyers, kimono, anime and japanese sweets. Go check it out. It's really cute :D I'll be updating it throughout the week!

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an update and some store news [26 Jul 2007|12:21am]

Hope everyone is going well. I have been in dubai for the past month and have come back home to the cold cold weather here. I have found someone who holds regular tea ceremony sessions in Canberra and can't wait to start that again. It'll give me an excuse to put on my Kimono too ^^

I still haven't attempted making my own designer jeans with Kimono silk as I'm too worried I'll stuff it up but I think it will happen sooner or later. lol.

In store news

We're trying to create a new cost cutting strategy and our Obi will now all be under $100 for a limited time. Check it out.


2nd Hand Kimono coming soon as well. Keep your eyes peeled ^^


Japan & i

*cross posted on various posts cause it's too late to personalise** *sorry*
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kimono and Obis [21 May 2007|07:50pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Hey guys,

In my last month living in Japan I met and made friends with an old kimono family and have now the pleasure to offer some extremely good kimono silks, obi, zori and other kimono related things at unbelievable prices! They're usually sold for something ridiculous in Japan but I am getting them at special market prices. Check my store out if you have time at http://stores.ebay.com.au/Japan-and-i

Let me know what you think (^-^)o Questions welcome.

mata na.

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Selling [17 May 2007|05:14pm]

I'm currently selling some items on ebay. In particular there is a Elegant Gothic Lolita (EGL)/FRUiTs mini-crown. It's onl $5 with $5 shipping, so take a look!

It beaded and handmade and resembles the crowns that Kana wear. Thanks!

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[10 Feb 2007|01:29pm]


I'm currently selling a Kimono and Haori as well as things such as a Bira-Bira Tsumami Kanzashi and Wooden Japanese Geta Shoes!Collapse )
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[09 Dec 2006|10:08am]

[ mood | sore ]

I'm currently selling a Kimono and Haori as well as things such as a Bira-Bira Tsumami Kanzashi and Wooden Japanese Geta Shoes!Collapse )

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[24 Oct 2006|05:00pm]

I've just opened a clothing store 100% secure, fully supported online store that has some Jrock designs in it. ^^


or if that link does not work xD


Take a look and if you have a design or Jrocker you would like to be made into a shirt, jacket, etc. please feel free to message me and I will get right on it with no extra cost to you what so ever than the cost of the shirt alone. ^^

You can ask me to design one for you and you can order as many as you like~

Please Check it out!

Thank you~ <33
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[22 Oct 2006|02:34pm]

[ mood | cold ]

I'm currently selling a Kimono and Haori as well as things such as a Bira-Bira Tsumami Kanzashi and Wooden Japanese Geta Shoes!Collapse )

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Math Studies Project [28 Sep 2006|03:03pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Hi everyone! It's the first time I'm posting here... I need people to answer a questionnaire for my math project... The subject is anime (japanese cartoons), and you can answer this poll whether you watch anime or not. It's very simple, anonymous, and of course I won't publish the URL on the project report... 
If you could please take a couple of minutes and check a few boxes, I'd be extremely grateful.


Thanks in advance!! :D

[x-posted all over the place]

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[24 Jul 2006|11:31pm]
Games are drugs. I've known it before but... couldn't understand. ( http://game-era.com/feature/id/2 ) This is sad truth...
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Geisha RPG [14 Apr 2006|03:33pm]

Hello, I am Akiko from the geishafantasy RPG community. I'm not sure if promoting communities is allowed here, but if it is not, feel free to delete this entry. I created an RPG for Geisha or Geiko since I could not find one on here. This roleplaying game is related to Memoirs of a Geisha, although we do not have any one playing the characters from the book now, feel free to. Many of us have chosen to create our own destinies with our own characters. Such as me. If you're interested in the RPG, please join this community. Boys are welcome! After all, how would a Hanamachi survive without their clients?

Image hosting by Photobucket
A roleplaying community.

There are many paths to choose from. Which one you travel upon is up to you to decide. If you fancy being a chambermaid who dreams to one day become one of the many Geiko surrounding her, then so be it. If you love to indulge in the art of beauty, then visit the Hanamachi as a client.
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salute to nihon ongaku [12 Apr 2006|12:14pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

this comuntiy doesnt get enough posts about anything except intros so i thought i would start the ball rolling by posting about something i like- Japanese music!

i dont profess to be an expert on it (although i have friends whoa re, its kinda scary) anyways bu7t i love the stuff, both jrock and jpop. i used to only like jrock, especially visuals, i must say that theu do glam rock sooooo much better than us.
but recently i have found out the jpop is cool too. especially the boy bands. (i mean a group of middle aged guys running around with just aleaf over their nudie bits is really amusing and onyl slightly duisturbing, only in japan my friend.)
even though i cant understand all the lyrics, my nihongo is no where near that good, i still love listening to it causde it isnt like western music which is way to comercialised and srterotypical (it may be like tat in japan but noit here so it is fresh for me)
i would recommend it to anyone who enjoys listening to music that they cant understand. and they coveer music is sooo may genres- rock, punk, grunge (ahh dir en grey hpw i love you and your gothic love), pop and dance plus soo much more.
i think the high light of jrock for me was a la con ciel clip (i think that i how you spell it and think this is the right band, cant remeber the song), its was very...technicolour, anyway so they go through all this mind bending stupid stuff, which involves guys dressed as two cenbt french hookers (that was wrong) anyway so about two thirds theough the clip they go up one of the guys skirts (he was dressed as a girl, not one of the hookers, japs can get away with it) and you have a flying shot up the whole dress, and you see the whole body (not explicit, slmost but not) and just the expression on the girl sitting next to me when she saw it was gold! the shock,
ahh how i love my jap music.

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Promo! [05 Apr 2006|06:51pm]

Hello all.

I'm promoting my community here since the community I am in is an RPG with geisha and all that jazz. We are an RPG community that I created since I could not find any RPGs on here for geisha. So if you want to have some fun, read the rules on the info page and join! :)

Image hosting by Photobucket
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dozo yoroshiku [15 Mar 2006|12:32pm]

My name is Nathan but mmy friends either call me Naytan or Na-chan.
I have been i love with Nihon since primary school. and ive always wanted to visit but i havnt been able to yet, i was going to got his year abut i couldnt due to my new studies and how much they cost:(
But i will go next year.
I have studied Nihongo for about 11 years but had to stop when i flunked out in year 11. (i have finished now) but i retain some of my japanese. anyways.
I have to admit that i am an Otaku, but only a mild one. I love Jap fashion and one of the first thing sim goiong to do when i get to Japan is go to Harajuku and spend a day there just shopping and looking at all the great fashion. YAY.
anyways. I work at ali baba (a lebanese takeaway shop) and also work in my church office in the Arts Department. I am a dancer, Singer and an Actor. I am studying for a Certificate 4 in Christian Ministries.
anyways, i rambled enough for now,
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Japanese Goth research... [04 Sep 2005|12:05pm]

Hey there!
I'm Zoe, a student at Oxford University in the UK. I’ve just returned from a trip around the world, researching for my undergraduate dissertation, which, luckily for me, focuses on the ‘globalization’ of goth, and the impact of the internet- hurrah!

I'm comparing the scenes in the UK (where I live), the USA and Japan, and I was lucky enough to visit Tokyo and Kyoto in June. While there, I totally fell in love with the Gothic Lolita style, and I'm making some clothes to wear to a festival in October- wish me luck!

I though I’d post here to ask if anyone would like to contact me, and tell me about how they found out about the Goth-Loi style, and what appeals to them about it (and whether they indeed consider it 'Goth' in the western sense of the term)?

I also have a very brief survey (in English and Japanese), which can be accessed via my web site- http://users.ox.ac.uk/~bras1575/ if anyone would like to help out a budding scholar, and contribute to my study!

In return, I have lots of information about, and photos of, Japan, the USA and Australia, so if anyone needs information, just drop me a line!

P.S some photos of Gothic Lolita girls in Harajuku can be found here: http://zoespics.fotopic.net/c637394.html and some pics of cyber-lolitas (!) at a recent festival in the UK here: http://zoespics.fotopic.net/c675011.html
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[12 Aug 2005|01:43pm]


Hi!! I'm so happy to find a community about Japan ♥ ♥ I absolutely love everything about it! I might be going on a 2/3 month trip to Tokyo next year, but nothing's final just yet T_T Can't wait to meet everyone!

Ja ne ♥

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[20 Jun 2005|11:15pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

Im a girl(woman) from sweden who has fall in love with Nihon. I have never ben to japan, but it is my number one dream to visit Nihon and all the japanise kuture.('_^)b

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