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james in heat magazine

here's that article i posted about earlier! it's nothing we don't already know but, whatever, enjoy! sorry that it's such a bad picture, i didn't notice how dark it was until i looked at it again then!

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oh and... 27 dresses is immense :) i wish i was jane. aaaaah.
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james in heat magazine!

so i went to bingo today (yeah i'm nineteen and going to bingo, sad i know, but it was free!! anyway...) and i didn't win, so i thought i'd buy a few bits and pieces from asda and cheer myself up, i got enchanted on nintendo ds (which is great! well the whole 10 minutes i played before my battery died), and heat magazine. imagine my suprise upon getting home when i open the magazine and skim through the contents and see "9 1/2 things you didn't know about... james marsden!"


i'm off out to the cinema very soon (to see 27 dresses :D), but i'll post the article as soon as i get back! and UK people (i don't know where it's sold outside of the UK...) go buy heat!
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I remember someone posting here saying that James Marsden was InStyle Magazine's "Man of Style" a little while ago. Well, I was sitting here thinking that I wished I got that magazine and then I went looking for any scans. I found 2 pictures, in case you guys haven't seen 'em.

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I also found a cute quote that he said to InStyle: "I ALWAYS feel like an 8-year-old when I dress up in a suit, like, when can I take this thing off?"
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James on cover of Men's Health!

Was at the corner store and gasped when I saw the cover of a magazine on the stands... James, who is almost NEVER on the cover of magazines, (and his cute son Jack, 5 years old now!) is in the latest Men's Health Best Life Magazine... James is on the cover (I believe the subscribers' cover has him AND his son on the cover) and there's an extremely cute black & white photo of him and Jack inside!

Not sure if i'm entirely diggin' the hair on the cover tho.. lol..

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