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This has been going around on several sites:

X-MEN star JAMES MARSDEN has offered his peers the secrets to Hollywood marriage success - get close to someone who knows you better than you do and hope for a lot of luck.
The actor married actress Lisa Linde in 2000 and admits he is still very much in love with his wife, despite the ups and downs of their union.
He says, "You're with someone who knows you better than yourself - and they still want you to stick around! And you help each other out, you confide in each other and it's very comforting. It's about being in love. Not everybody has that.
"I happened to get very lucky with my girl. I got a good one. She thinks I'm great and I think the same about her. The best relationships are where you make a choice to make it work. You definitely have ups and downs - it's part of every relationship - but getting through that shows how strong you are together."
He adds, "(Marriage is) just wanting to spend every moment with that person. And you don't feel happy or whole if you're not with them."

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Aw. I'm getting a case of the warm and fuzzies.

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James had an article and it is all about SEX!!!!

ok not really but here is the article:

Marsden Afraid Of Sex Scene Scrutiny
Actor James Marsden is terrified of on-screen sex scenes, because he fears receiving bad critiques of his love-making techniques. The Enchanted star, 34, has yet to be faced with the task of raunchy love scenes, but he admits he already cringes at the thought of being so closely scrutinized by the rest of the cast and crew. He tells British magazine Closer, "It's so embarrassing with everyone watching you. It's the opposite of romantic. I already feel like the crew are judging me, so imagine doing a sex scene. They'd be thinking: 'Ooh, is that how he does it in real life?' Awful! I don't know how I'd react if I was offered a part with a sex scene. My wife would tell me to do it, though. She wants people to see that I'm sexy."
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