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Hey everyone.

I recently uploaded screencaps of
Scott/Cyclops from the "X-Men 1.5" DVD onto my Photobucket account. You can find it here:


I'm adding more and more screencaps of
Marie/Rogue to my Photobucket account, too. I've got 10 screencaps up here:


I have about 66 'Rogue' screencaps to go.

In the coming week, I'll be uploading screencaps of
Ororo/Storm and Logan/Wolverine from the same film ("X-Men 1.5").

I've made screencaps from the "X-Men 2" DVD. I just finished yesterday night. I'll be uploading them sometime next month or the next.

Please go ahead and browse through the screencaps, drop me a word about them, if you'd like. If you wish to use them for graphics, please credit me in return in your list of resources.

Thank you =) Enjoy!

Best regards,

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This is a long-shot, but somewhere out there, does someone have a ton of mp3s of James singing? I was quite sad that some of his "songs" weren't on the Enchanted soundtrack, like the "AHH AHH AH AH AH AH" part and especially the "pure and sweet waiting to complete my love song" part.
But not just from Enchanted, but from when he was on Ally McBeal, and pretty much everything else he's sung in, if there's more.
Just wondering if there were mp3s of those times, so I can make a little playlist on my ipod, of course.

Thanks for any help!
ladiesbigbang: queen latifah.

Movie: Gossip, 1,130 James-centric caps

| Gossip_01.zip | Gossip_02.zip | Gossip_03.zip |

(files are .png, 640x480, taken with VLC, widescreen)

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♥ Comments are love, especially since this is the first time I've tried to do a capping project. ^_^

And can I just say... THE MAN WAS SO FREAKING HOT IN THIS MOVIE. Ahem. Sorry. But he really was. Guh.

Oh, and I'm Sheera, from California, and my favorite James movie is Superman Returns even though there's a woeful lack of him in it. And feel free to share these links wherever, because they've got 200 downloads and will be up for 14 days.