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karen - smile

I don't like paps following people around but...

Here's a video from yesterday of James Marsden smiling and chatting with a POPTV.com guy while he walks home from a club.

JAMES MARSDEN - The “X-Men” and “Superman Returns” star was all smiles and friendly. I asked him about his night and he kidded that he didn’t know it was a club that he was at, but that it’s fun to get out. I asked him where the beautiful ladies were. He was with guys and laughed that there were no girls, just guys tonight. He posed and I told him to smile some more as the girls love looking at him. Check out James in three movies he has coming out…“Nailed,” “The Box” and “Conan: Red Nails.”


Photo of Marsden with his children

 This is the first time I've ever seen a photo of Mary. 

Actor James Marsden, 34, appears with his children -- Jack Holden, 7 next month, and Mary James, 2 -- in their backyard in the latest issue of Glamour. Says wife Lisa,

I love that the kids and James are happiest when they're getting dirty and rolling around.

Adds James,

[Our house] has become our refuge. We don't get out as often as we should. I'm their human jungle gym!

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