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I found a Behind the Scenes of Sex Drive video that has some James stuff in it. There is also a James interview there on the site. In Clark Duke's interview he says of James: "He's funny. And women love him. He's about the best looking guy I've ever seen and I'm not scared to say that. He's officially about the best looking dude I've ever seen in real life." haha!
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James playing a moron very well

A red band clip from Sex Drive has surfaced. It has the swearing/sexual stuff so if you don't like that stuff...

Anyway, it is James being annoying and weird and doing it well because he actually makes me want to punch him in the face. :P Very different from his other roles. Hmmm, characters/people like this tend to make me uncomfortable and embarrassed. I'm pretty sure I know where this character is going to end up after seeing this clip though, and I will be seeing the movie to see that.

James Marsden's "Sex Drive"

So tonight I was snuggling down on the couch, eating a late dinner, and watching Extra on TV, when all of the sudden I heard HIS name uttered: James Marsden!  WOOHOO!  Seems the show was doing an interview with Jimmy about his new role in the movie Sex Drive. I gotta say, Jimmy looks, umm, different....but oh so scrumptious, as usual.  Love the spiky hair and the scruff....just like Campbell's Soup - Mmm, Mmm good!

See Extra's video interview HERE.