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I think when I posted my intro here a while back I mentioned something about how I would really like to see Gossip, but was unable to find the dvd anywhere in my town.

Well. Imagine my surprise when I open up the tv guide the other day & notice that its going to be on tv tonight.
I almost wet myself [well, not really, but i was that excited].

Considering it is on at midnight Im really hoping its worth staying up for.
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Movie: Gossip, 1,130 James-centric caps

| Gossip_01.zip | Gossip_02.zip | Gossip_03.zip |

(files are .png, 640x480, taken with VLC, widescreen)

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♥ Comments are love, especially since this is the first time I've tried to do a capping project. ^_^

And can I just say... THE MAN WAS SO FREAKING HOT IN THIS MOVIE. Ahem. Sorry. But he really was. Guh.

Oh, and I'm Sheera, from California, and my favorite James movie is Superman Returns even though there's a woeful lack of him in it. And feel free to share these links wherever, because they've got 200 downloads and will be up for 14 days.