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Sawyer, Kate

James updates!

Wow! A lot of new members lately! Glad to see this community growing!

Went to see Superman Returns tonight and it was great! Much more screen time for James, that's for sure! :) (loved his wet white dress shirt scenes! :P )

Also, he's on the cover of Men's Fitness magazine, August 2006 issue!! Lots of pics & an article inside as well! :)
Sawyer, Kate


I just got done watching James' movie "Heights" last night and MAN.. it's GOOOOD.. lots of James-hotness in it.. he's in it for quite a bit! I took some pics (didn't screen cap unfortunately) from the movie but I can't really post any without giving away what's going on.. haha.. ooh, except for these two where he's cooking breakfast shirtless :P

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Sawyer, Kate

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Hey! It's about time I made a James Marsden community... probably one of the biggest fans of his.. hehe.. so I thought it appropriate to be the first to make a James community here... :)

This'll have discussions 'bout upcoming movies, appearances, magazines he's in, etc. so join up and stay tuned! Lots more will happen! :D