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My name is Michael and i`m fan of James Marsden.
Unfortunately, I absolutely cannot find his early works such as:

The Nanny
Boogies Diner
Second Noah
No Dessert, Dad, till You Mow the Lawn
On the Edge of Innocence

I looked for them in the network long time, but there aren`t even on ebay and torrents.
By now, I'm at a loss what to do, I very, very want to see it and hope for you help.
Please, advice me - where can I search out or, perhaps, buy this movies?
My e-mail is Michael121@mail.ru

                                                              With hope and gratitude, your friend Michael.


Name: Sabrina
Country: U.S.A
Favourite James Movie: Disturbing Behavior, and X-Men. Really want to see Enchanted.

From one James fan to another, this is going to sound like a reaaaaaallly audacious request. I've been waiting for activation for the gallery at james-marsden.com so I can create a sig for a character on a board. The pictures I currently have don't really suit his boyish/energetic personality. Okay, so you're probably wondering what I'm gonna ask. Simple; Anyone willing to allow me get on their account there just so I can get some pics? I used to have one but I've got no idea what happened to it. Probably didn't visit for awhile and got deleted. I know it's hard trusting a stranger when it comes to these things, but I'd totally never go into the account again after that.

=) Nevermind. adventures hooked me up with another site. <3 ^_^
Marsden-Prince Edward

Intro and request

 Hi!  I'm new here and wanted to introduce myself. 

Name: Meneleth
Country: USA
Fave JM movie:  I loved him in both Hairspray and Enchanted, so either of those.

I just recently discovered James, but am very impressed with him.  One thing in particular I've noticed is that he not only talks differently but he sings differently for different roles.  Not many people do that really.  Compare him as Corny Collins to Prince Edward (who I wish had more singing!).  And if you have the Enchanted soundtrack, his rendition of That's Amore is quite different again.  That's all aside from what a good actor he is.  Oh yeah, and darned cute too!

Now my request -- I'm no good at making anything but a basic icon but I would love one of Edward (like my icon here) that says "What's Not To Like?"  Do you know of any or could any of you clever people make one for me?

I'm looking forward to joining more dicussions about James with y'all.
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Name: Steph
Country: US
Favorite James Movie: That is a hard question. I first saw him in Hairspray (was kinda late on X-Men, haha) but I'd have to say I love him most in Enchanted. Simply because Prince Edward is adorably clueless and you can't help but laugh everytime he shows up.

I also have a question:
Did anyone manage to get him scarfing chips backstage at the Kid's Choice Awards last night? It's not on youtube, and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find it :]