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I think when I posted my intro here a while back I mentioned something about how I would really like to see Gossip, but was unable to find the dvd anywhere in my town.

Well. Imagine my surprise when I open up the tv guide the other day & notice that its going to be on tv tonight.
I almost wet myself [well, not really, but i was that excited].

Considering it is on at midnight Im really hoping its worth staying up for.
Sawyer, Kate

10th and Wolf

Wowwwww yeah, I saw the movie last weekend.. not usually into mob movies but this was good.. Giovanni Ribisi, James (of course) and Brad Renfro were superb in it... (plus James was so cute in Bella Mafia ... anyone see that old TV movie? lol..) Anyone else see 10th and Wolf yet?

Anyway, don't know why i didn't think of it before but the 10th and Wolf official site has got a LOT of nice NIIIIICCCEEEEE James pics :)

There IS a bit of a SPOILER warning.. some of the pics give away a little bit of the movie if you don't wanna know...

and just to get a bit of taste for the DOZENS AND DOZENS of pictures.......