uranus_ge (uranus_ge) wrote in _jamesmarsden_,

Hey everyone.

I recently uploaded screencaps of
Scott/Cyclops from the "X-Men 1.5" DVD onto my Photobucket account. You can find it here:


I'm adding more and more screencaps of
Marie/Rogue to my Photobucket account, too. I've got 10 screencaps up here:


I have about 66 'Rogue' screencaps to go.

In the coming week, I'll be uploading screencaps of
Ororo/Storm and Logan/Wolverine from the same film ("X-Men 1.5").

I've made screencaps from the "X-Men 2" DVD. I just finished yesterday night. I'll be uploading them sometime next month or the next.

Please go ahead and browse through the screencaps, drop me a word about them, if you'd like. If you wish to use them for graphics, please credit me in return in your list of resources.

Thank you =) Enjoy!

Best regards,

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