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Intro and request

 Hi!  I'm new here and wanted to introduce myself. 

Name: Meneleth
Country: USA
Fave JM movie:  I loved him in both Hairspray and Enchanted, so either of those.

I just recently discovered James, but am very impressed with him.  One thing in particular I've noticed is that he not only talks differently but he sings differently for different roles.  Not many people do that really.  Compare him as Corny Collins to Prince Edward (who I wish had more singing!).  And if you have the Enchanted soundtrack, his rendition of That's Amore is quite different again.  That's all aside from what a good actor he is.  Oh yeah, and darned cute too!

Now my request -- I'm no good at making anything but a basic icon but I would love one of Edward (like my icon here) that says "What's Not To Like?"  Do you know of any or could any of you clever people make one for me?

I'm looking forward to joining more dicussions about James with y'all.
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