Maxwell Arcturus (citiesfalling) wrote in _jamesmarsden_,
Maxwell Arcturus

Because there isn't any, that's why!

Tags: character (film): corny colins, film: hairspray (2007), media: fanfiction

  • Second Noah pictures of James?

    Hi, I'm Nicole and new here so I apologize if I post this wrong. I just watched Jimmy on "Second Noah" and I adored his character Ricky.…

  • james in heat magazine

    here's that article i posted about earlier! it's nothing we don't already know but, whatever, enjoy! sorry that it's such a bad picture, i didn't…

  • iyerrrrr.

    Name: emily Country: englandddd Favourite James Movie: hairspray! so erm yeahhh. thats me! here's some james (as corny) animations i made!…

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