Maxwell Arcturus (citiesfalling) wrote in _jamesmarsden_,
Maxwell Arcturus

Because there isn't any, that's why!

Tags: character (film): corny colins, film: hairspray (2007), media: fanfiction

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    I am new at LJ and every thing here :) NAME: Lena jensen AGE:20 CONTRY:Denmark LOVE: James Marsden hope to see you around

  • (no subject)

    Greetings! My name is Michael and i`m fan of James Marsden. Unfortunately, I absolutely cannot find his early works such as: The Nanny Boogies…

  • This has probably been asked so much before but ....

    Ok, so I'm pretty new to James Marsden and I have only seen him in Hairspray which is amazing, Corny whoooooooo :D, Anyway what do you rekon are the…

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