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_jalex's Journal

Jay and Alex love
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This is a community for Jay Hogart and Alex Nunez, the characters on Degrassi: The Next Generation played by Mike Lobel and Deanna Casaluce. You can post pictures, videos, fanfics, art, or just random thoughts about the two. And you don't have to just talk about the couple, you can talk about the separate characters as well.

Check the memories first before posting questions or requests. Chances are, if it's Jalex related it's in there.

Community Rules:

1. Posts must relate to either Alex or Jay. There are plenty of other Degrassi communities where you can talk about the show in general.

2. Spoilers must go behind an lj-cut. Remember that not all the episodes have aired in the U.S. so be considerate.

3. Please don't type like this: "omgzz alex and jay r lyke da best eva!!1" Try to sound at least somewhat educated.

4. Don't just make a post saying "Hi I'm new, I really like Jay and Alex." Think of something interesting.

5. Give credit for any icons or graphics you take.

6. No rpg spamming regardless of whether it relates to Jay or Alex.

Graphic Challenge Rules
1. All entries must be made by Friday 10pm EST. Voting will occur from Friday-Sunday 8pm EST. Winners and new challenges will be posted on Monday
2. Spoilers are allowed
3. All entries must include the screencap, quote, lyric, or other object chosen by the moderator.
4. All entries must be Jay or Alex related.
5. All entries must be icon size or smaller (100x100 or less)(if it's an icon)
6. NEVER bash another member's entry. If this occurs, the basher will be disqualified from the current and following matches.
7. Please Do Not use your entry or post it anywhere before voting concludes
8. You May not vote for your own icon
9. Each week we will have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and mods choice. Unless we have a low number of entries then we may only do 1st and/or 2nd and mods choice
10. When commenting with your icon/graphic, post the picture of the icon then the url underneath
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Any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me.
AIM- thefreakoftheday
YIM- emma_queen_of_dan

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