Icon Request

I was hoping you could make me an icon that has the lyrics from the Gavin DeGraw song, "I don't want to be".

All I want is something simple, preferably with pinks and/or purples with the words "I don't want to be anything other than me". I definately trust and admire your creativity which is why I'm asking.


help please.....

hey guys... i need a new layout!! can anyone please help me?? i want either a britney spears or a mary-kate and ashley one. i dont have anything really specific that i want, just have fun with it!!! my favorite colors are pink and black if that helps!! :) please email me at bamanik14@aol.com if you can help me! thanks!!! ~Nikki~
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Free Handbag

I'm sure alot of you in here have heard about this free iPod/ free handbag deal.


Up until last week I thought it was all a scam- that was before my friend recieved her black Fendi in the mail from them and had it authenticated at the Fendi boutique in Manhasset. So now I'm trying desperately to get referrals.

To get this done, all you need it to participate in one offer ($5 or less- really!) and then get five people to do the same.

If you'd like to help me out- and get your own free handbag- click here:


Thanks in advance to everyone- and if you have any questions, just ask.


If this isn't allowed, then- by all means- please delete the post.