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hey! i just joines because i love icons and i always say j'adore. i just wanted to say i will be active and i like cool icons and layouts. how do you put a layout in your journal?
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could you guys maybe make me a Mariah Carey icon with a line from one of her songs (new or old)? Please it would be much appreciated! :D

P.S. I made this icon myself (the one with the ballerina shoes) and since this is an icon community I thought I'd ask if you thought it was good?
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Hey Glamorous people!

I just started an RPG for the performing arts. It's Called APA (Academy of Performing Arts) I know you all are probably thinking *groan* RPG but it's really fun! If you like glamour and writing this is the place for you.
Here's the official Ad:

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Thanks! Just give it a try I promise it's fun!

- The APA Mods.

Go to school_board to apply today!