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Michael Jackson claims
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Like to claim stuff? Like Michael Jackson? Well come and claim some MJ stuff. It's all out. You can claim ANYTHING thats related to the King Of Pop. Verses, songs, T.V. appearances, cds, pictures (You have to post em' to claim em'), outfits he wore, quotes. Hell, you can claim Neverland if you want. Come and have fun. There are just a few tiny tini rules.

1: Must join the community to claim.
2: If you leave the community, your shit is up for grabs.
3: No sharing claims.
4: Limit three claims (I don't want any MJ fanatics coming and claiming 1000 things).
5: if you claim a picture, please put it behind the lj cut (give the pic a title so I know how to list it).
6: If you are claiming a title track to an album, be sure to state that is a song, and not the album itself or else I will post your claim as the album.
7:If I find you making negative comments on Michael (and believe me, I will), I will personally kick your ass out of this community and remove your claims!
8: Always check the list before claiming.

I will update the list daily.
Last updated: 4/2/04

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