Today's practice WITHOUT Rachel and Ali *sobs*

Yeah it went well. Yay for more crazy photos!

 Drummer dude...AKA Lauren!

 "Cheeky devil on drums!" I like that...

 *mental note to self* : place sticks on drums

 AAAHHH everybody SCREEAAM!!!

 Oh dear! How unlady-like of me! *gasps*

 Still on the floor rocking away Kurt Cobain Stylee.

 Can't think of a caption...ah well.

 Mo being hard core...or is she just in extreme amounts of pain?

 *sings* house of the rising sun...!

Was a shame Ali and Rachel couldn't make it. Next time...BE THERE!!


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re: band practice

Hey people,
look, I probably can't make it tomorrow. which is annoying because I could've today. Anyhow, I have no means of getting there....I was gonna cycle, but now my mother's like "Um, no. you should be revising HARD." kinda thing, which makes it kinda hard.

I might be able to at the weekend? But then probably no-one else is free.
Bah, this sucks.
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(no subject)

hello to one and all.

ok. having toyed around with the idea of calling us 'the jolenes', i did the obligatory google search. and...

'girl rock band THE JOLENES sweet and punky pop songs have been known to make even the most jaded hipsters do a double take, uncross their arms, and bob their heads with smiles. Dolly Parton's 1974 hit song, Jolene warned us about man-stealing hussies and doe-eyes demons, but Dolly didn't mention anything about vociferous rhythms, tempting, angelic voices, or the playful onstage chemistry that makes this all-girl rock band, THE JOLENES, so dangerous. These girls take the stage and the boys start drooling!'

so, that kinda rules that one out.
unless we do a charlatans and do jolenes UK, which is nowhere near as cool.

'the doe-eyed demons' perhaps?!

on another note, does anyone know where i can find the website for the band 'the music' or any info about them? googling 'the music' is hopeless.
(edit: ok, i didnt try the obvious
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wouldnt it be slightly odd if one of us went out with someone called jolene......or a jolene tried to steal one of our boyfriends!
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it appears that thursday is best for all

so about 1.30 through 5/5.30

if this has suddenly become a life threataning cataclysmic apocolypse for anyone please contact your local apocolypse crisis center or drop in and then you can pick up a wide variety of pamphlets about apocolypses from the mildly irritating detruction of insignificane which is only relevant to those destroyed to cataclysmic band threataning ones.
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right just comunicated with my mother

i can do wednesday afternoon or thursday

is everyone free on at least one of those

ive emailed this too

comunicate with me dudes

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