August 30th, 2005



dudes of the jolene persuasion



anyways i was at my drum lesson today and we were going through soem songs that had been disscused with aisling last night or mentioned previously

we did:

where is my mind--the pixies
(this is pretty easy to play and sound quite good on the drums and its none to difficult/easily simplified for guitar too)

ever falen in love with someone? (hearbye known as elf)--the buzzcocks
(this may look easy to you guitars (ash) but its really fast! so me and my drum teacher worked out an easier groove so unless you wanna play it slower you wont have quite the same drumage but it still sounded okay)

holiday--green day
(simplified soem of tge fills so its easier for me but the guitar and bass are easy for that are simple and yeah thats pretty hardcore and easy)

just a day--feeder
(the drums are super hardcore on this but i dont know how easy the guitar is. the riff is easy and its basically a super duper song and im sure it could be worked out)

my lessosn only an hour so thats all i got through but yeah

right so i can pretty much play those but im gonna go practice when ive finished this email if you dont have these songs i can email them to you or soemthing

im now goign to read ash's jolene entry....

i have now done that

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