May 27th, 2005



It's about 11 at night and I'm in a strangely weird mood.
Wooooo for ash joining the community, btw.

So, anyhow. I was watching big brother, but then I got really bored (and slightly hyperactive from ingesting too many sultanas) and drew a stick-people diagram of us:

We look like slipknot gone kinda wrong, doncha think? tried to be clever and give mo multi-tonal hair. didn't work.

Lauren appears to be at the front in the foreground, but that's only because I was trying to make her look short. ~tries to suppress sniggers and fails~ sorry.And Ash, d'ya like AC/DC? who knows. you look like you miiight have a band t-shirt of them. Anyhow, no offence meant to anyone who might be like 'dude. I don't look like that.'

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And this is how I know I will pass art GCSE. Ha.
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